CD/Vinyl Layout/Design

From start to finish creation of Jack Russell’s GREAT WHITE CD and Vinyl, 10 page booklet in the CD. The Vinyl was redesigned with same text, photography and art. Some live shots and promo shots was used. In the Japanese CD release there was an extra Japanese language insert that used the promo shot that is also sold at shows. Photography  shot by Jaymz Eberly – (some other favorite pics from other great photographers have credits next to the photography). It was nice to autograph a few and send them to fans also. The record went to 34 on the billboard charts which we are proud of also. Below are some shots people have took of after they bought it and a few I shot showing some production shots that are not final outputs. Designing layout was a fun project working with Jack Russell and when he was out on tour Heather Russell his wife would go over it also. We made sure it was perfect.

Vinyl cover designed by Deardis Hurts using some of my photography inside crystal ball. We have worked on a few records and one coming soon with members of Guns N Roses and other great bands, CD should be out end of year. You can see hidden objects in old paper which was fun to design, one persons review said they felt like they were in the 70s when records you could sit and stare at for hours finding new things, these kinds of compliments are great and I enjoy doing this and creating great projects. Also the Japanese and European version has bonus tracks which we had to change a little to each record. My personal favorite output is the Japanese version which has lots of extras other versions do not have and also the vinyl because the artwork is so large and beautiful 🙂 Look for the next record coming out which I again am getting Deardis to create the cover art. Send any pics or reviews of what you think of this record. thanks for buying it and supporting the arts and knowing the cd or vinyl is also better in audio quality also, you can create your own high quality mp3’s also, just still nothing beats the CD/Vinyl quality 🙂