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JUST RELEASED ! NUX and ODIN and Attack of the Rising at the Whisky 4 21 2018 both playing bad ass NUX pedals
Legendary LA Hard Rockers ODIN reissued DON’T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER and FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE. The limited edition Vinyl ( I have the original White Vinyl)

Photo and Video/Edited by : Jaymz Floyd Eberly http://eberlyProductions.com / http://EberlyPhoto.com
Executive Producer: Dave Hager of NUX


NUX Pedals Presents: ODIN -Record Re-Release 04/21/2018 Jaymz/ https://t.co/pC9IHJoHjz: https://t.co/Z6Hr6hVAL3 via @YouTube